About Us

Company Background

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UNITED GRAPHIC EXPRESSION CORPORATION (UGEC) is a full-service printing and packaging company. It started its operations August 18, 1988 in Malabon. Since then, it has continuously grown and expanded its capabilities to meet the needs of its current and future business partners in the industry.


The company’s resources are now fully operational in Dasmarinas, Cavite. Fulfilling printing and packaging needs go beyond producing quality work. It is a constant research and acquisition of leading edge technologies. It is maintaining and uniting old world craftsmanship with new generation ideas and capabilities. UGEC is a company that welcomes the opportunity to pursue new and progressive printing and packaging solutions for its clients. As a testament to its commitment for continuous improvement UGEC has achieved considerable milestones. One of which is the Print Excellence Award from the Printing Industries Association of the Philippines, Inc. won for six consecutive years from 1996 to 2001 in recognition for the company’s ability to consistently produce quality prints. We are likewise an ISO 9001:Certified company.

We continually strive to excite customers with service and outstanding product quality. To do this, UGEC utilizes expertise, experience, dedication and personal service to our customers combined with the manufacture of superior quality products on time, every time. Quality standards and systems have been developed and implemented aligned to its commitment for continuous improvement. Inspired to strive for excellence and be one of the best in the business UGEC has likewise taken seriously its social responsibilities from business integrity, promotion of health and safety in and out of the workplace to the preservation and care for the environment.

Our Mission

To deliver Secured Products and Services to People/Society for the Future, Today.

Our Vision

To be the leader in providing FUNCTIONAL, VALUABLE, and SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS in print and its applications.

Our Shared Values

Integrity Unity of thoughts, words and actions that are translated into favorable actions and expected results.
Mastery Achievement of a comprehensive and excellent knowledge or skill in a particular subject.
Passion for Excellence Supreme desire to consistently deliver high levels of performance in all our undertakings.
Respect Respecting and valuing diversity.
Innovation Challenging the status quo, thinking outside the box and finding better ways to evolve.
Nurturing Selfless contribution towards the welfare and interest of its people, customers and society.
Teamwork The dependability of everyone to dynamically work together to achieve a common goal.

Our Quality Policy: A Shared Commitment

We at United Graphic Expression Corporation are committed to achieve and sustain market leadership in design, print, and packaging solutions.

Guided by our core values, code of conduct, ethical and systemic business practices, applicable current legal and statutory requirements, international standards, customer standards, and results of related risks and opportunities assessment, we are committed to:

  1. Deliver safe and high quality products and services to meet customers’ as well as applicable legal requirements;
  2. Comply with Halal requirements for applicable products;
  3. Maintain chain of custody in our operations to secure sustainable raw material supply and overall environmental sustainability;
  4. Uphold occupational safety and health; labor; and business ethics compliance and best practices in our operation; and
  5. Uphold and maintain security standards in our design, print, and packaging solutions operation.

We shall consistently live our policies and meet our goals by keeping ourselves updated to requirements; maintaining effective methodologies; maintaining cost effectiveness; using appropriate technologies; developing and driving a high performance culture; and collaborating with our customers and interested parties in a mutually respectful environment.

These commitments and equivalent objectives and measures shall be established, continually improved, reviewed for continuing suitability, and communicated for full understanding within the organization.

All these are aimed to bring about total customer satisfaction and business sustainability.